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    For the following process we are asking for number of agitators:

    1.Mixing property


    Amount(kg) (m3)

    Density (kg/m3)

    Viscosity (mPas)

    Pressure (bar)

    Temperature (°C)

    Solid size (µm)




    2. Rheological behavior

    such as: e.g. (water, leight/heavy oil, yogurt, honey, glue...)

    3. Mixing task

    (multiple selection with strg)

    4. Intensity

    5. Operation

    or: continuous; flow-rate (m3/h):

    6. Duration

    7. Medium wetted parts

    / or: steel - covered with individual specification:

    8. Sealing gasket

    or: individual specification:

    9. Drive

    geared motor or motor: operating voltage (Volt) phase: frequency (Hz)

    type of protection IP (54=Standard)

    10. Hazardous area

    INSIDE the vessel DUST
    INSIDE the vessel GAS
    OUTSIDE the vessel DUST
    OUTSIDE the vessel GAS

    temperature class

    11. Tank







    liquid level:


    min level from bottom (mm)
    max level from bottom (mm)

    if special geometry please send us a drawing per fax or file upload (12. tank installations)

    only if rectangular please fill in

    entire height (depth) (mm):[clear height flange to bottom vessel] length: (mm): width: (mm):

    only if cylindrical please fill in

    diameter (mm) cyl. height (mm) entire height (mm) bottom bottom height (mm)
    top top height (mm)

    12. Tank installations

    number of baffels other (heating coil, pipes, ect.); if special geometry please send us a drawing per fax/mail or file upload.


    direct file upload:

    13. Agitator positioning

    special conditions

    the following conditions must be observed (e.g. drive specifications, speed control, installation restrictions, flange, assembly guidelines, pole-changeable, safety regulations , etc.)

    (After sending your inquiry you will receive a copy of the data.)