For technical design of a mixer stand you have to pay attention to an exact information exchange between us (as produser) and you (as user). If important features of the design have not been sufficiently discussed in the preliminary “kick off” phase, the necessary amendments in later stages could lead to higher costs of the project.

These are the major questions, which should be considered:
















1. Process Requirements
a. What (specific) power input is necessary?  SG, viscosity, solids concentration…. of the medium?
b. Mixing task: How should the agitator support the process? Do you need a high shear rate (e.g. dispersion) or a good flow (e.g. suspension) in the vessel?
c. An agitator, which is designed for medium of e.g. 100…1.000 mPas viscosity, will not be efficient in water like oder high viscose liquids. The wider the demanded viscosity range to cope with, the higher the costs/ specific power input to reach sufficient results.
2. Site Conditions
a. Type of mixer stand (fixed on the wall or the floor, movable, above a vessesl…) ?
b. Dimensions of the existing mixing vessels / drums?
3. Mechanical Construction
a. The elevation adjustment is realizable by different systems: e.g. cable winch, hydraulic, pneumatic, counter balance in the column or electrical supported spindel drive.
b. If an elevation device is not needed, you could use a position fixed smaller stand like the “Sta3” with hand mixer.
4. Safety Regulations / Technical Orders
a. According to the safety regulations 2006/42/EG for the operation of mixer stands the system has to be equipped with safety devices.
b. Normally we install a height position switch, tank clamp with switch and if the stand also equipped with a quick change coupling – a hinged cover with switch will protect against accidental contact of shaft and coupling.
c. All switches will be connected in a control box, which is directly fixed on the stand or on a random position. The main switches ON/OFF/ emergency stop/ speed control / pole shift / … are positioned on the stand.
d. If the mixer stand operates in an explosion-hazardous area it will be produced according to the explosion protection directive 2014/34/EC.

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 For more than 20 years mixer stands are an integral part of our product range. Every mixer stand will be discussed in detail. A transparent pricing will help the customer to select between different options and find his idividual optimum solution.

If you have any question or if you need additional information about mixer stands, you are welcome to give us a call or send an e-mail. We will be pleased to support you.




  • movable stand
  • elevation adjustment cable winch
  • speed adjustable drive