We are pleased you are interested in our company TURBO Misch- und Verfahrenstechnik Industrierührwerke GmbH.

  1. Agitator’s process and mechanical design, engineering support in all technical questions around agitators. We size and manufacture agitators for many different kind of applications.
  2. Production of agitators for all industrial market segments in our production facility in Nienhagen/Celle, Germany (i.e. chemical industry; petrochemical industry; environmental industry (water, waste water); food industry; pharmaceutical industry; pulp and paper; …).
  3. Repair and overhaul of all different kind of agitators in our facility or at site.
  4. Spare part service for all types of agitators fabricated by us, “TURBO Müller”, “GMV” and “Jesse Mischtechnik”.

Philosophy of Engineering and Construction

Our philosophy is, to discuss the optimum agitator selection with the customer, to bring in the customer’s experience, wishes and demands. The process will be discussed with all its tasks, limitations and peripheral conditions (tank dimensions, medium data, duty of agitation,…). The process design is based on the optimum mixing result – i.e. we fulfill the demands of the process under the best financial conditions (low investment and operation costs) with the use of the most efficient impeller type for the relating process.

After the process design (impeller type, size, position, speed,…) we perform the mechanical engineering of the impeller, shaft, bearing member and drive with all peripheral demands. The most important postulate for this creative process is: to design the agitators strong and robust, that the customer feels happy with his solution for a long time.

A safe construction within the Direction 2006/42/EC (Machine Directive) is our concern.


A particular strength of our company is our agitator service.  We repair and mantain agitators and there compnents  in our factory or directly at the operating site. We can schedule an appointment for you at short notice.

We recommend customers, who have many process relevant agitators in their production running, to have a service contract with us, that the agitators will be maintained frequently by skilled personnel, to avoid unexpected machine trouble.

With special diagnosis tools we can control the wear of bearings and gears and check seals, rubber linings and shaft run.

Spare part service for all types of agitators fabricated by us, “TURBO Müller”, “GMV” and “Jesse Mischtechnik”.