Our NFL-Series (Norm-Flange-Lantern), as option with sealing stool – NFLD, has been developed for the highest demands and roughest conditions for the mixing process. The agitators of this Series are the most robust units with the longest lifetime. The NFL- bearing members are preferred to others for mixing applications with high bending moments on the mixer shaft as well as applications, which needs a high reliability. This bearing member has been successfully installed in a wide range of applications. The modular construction system gives a good flexibility in the mechanical design.

The drive, transfering the power into the bearing shaft through a flexible coupling, can be removed simply and quickly, if the parameters of the process have changed, or for service/maintenance.

The heart of the agitator, the double bearing, is designed for a lifetime in excess of 100.000L10. The standard material of the laterne is cast iron GG25 – if neccessary, it will ne manufactures as welding construction.

Additional lanterns/ stools  with appropriate seal constructions are available

  • NFL4e FG2,2

    parralel shaft gear unit with NFL4E
    lantern with bearing

    NFL4e Lagerlaterne
  • NFL4 FG11

    parralel shaft gear unit with NFL4 and double bearing, stuffing box and wedge socket coupling to connect the drive

    NFL4 Lagerlaterne
Flange øa [mm]Power [kW]Torque[Nm]ø Shaft [mm]Length* [mm]
NFL 4250200…250
…5,550030…50ca. 2.000
NFL 4400300…350
…152.00050…80ca. 2.500
NFL 6600340…455
…304.00060…90ca. 3.000
…508.00080…110ca. 3.000

* free flying shaft

** guideliness