Agitators for continuous use in processes with high energy input have to have good robustness and high reliability.

The F,G and K Series in our product range stand for the combination of reinforced bearings  and extended lifetime.

The series F is based on a parallel shaft gear unit. The mixer shaft is plugged into the hollow bearing shaft of the gear box, this gives easy maintenance – after loosing and removing a fixing srew, you can pull off the gearbox from the shaft.

If the surrounding condition specifies a small available installation height, you can choose the  bevel geared motor K.

For higher output speeds (>300rpm), the helical geared G Series is the solution. This drive is also a robust and a compact construction.

available with the following options:

  • integrated frequency converter (IP65) including keypad
  • medium wetted parts  in several materials (304ss; 316ss; steel, titanium, PP, PVDF, rubber covered, …)
  • sealing latern with different sealing option (V-Ring, mechanical seal, … )
  • “dry well” flange
  • steady (bottom) bearing  – tripod (screwed or weld)
  • XLM– special agitator gearbox with “dry well” absolute oil leakage safety

Advantages of F Series

      • small drive head height [F + K]
      • good robustness and extended lifetime by reinforced bearing and high gear service factor (fb >1,5)
      • easy exchange of gear box, shaft or impeller
      • low operation and investment costs