Our Series OF-VA is suitable for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic process applications. The motor housing is made complete from stainless steel and a special winding obviates the need for a self-ventilation.  In combination with drive head surface finish this kind of agitator ist easy to clean [IP56]. The construction is similar to our standard Series OF, a hollow shaft [supported by 2 reinforced bearings] generates an easy assembly, disassembly of the mixer shaft.

The flat flange can also be produced in accordance to DIN11864-2 [aseptic design]

Furthermore, this Series also can be combined with various sealing options. If the field of installation is in the food, pharmaceutical  or cosmetic, we will use FDA approved materials.

  • OF76 VA

    [1,5kW, 6-pole / 1000min-1]

    Edelstahl OF Edelstahlrührwerk
  • OF54 VA

    [0,75kW, 4-pole / 1500min-1]

    OF VA Edelstahlrührwerk
  • OF04 VA

    [0,09kW, 4-pole / 1500min-1]
    mini labor stand

  • power plug stainless IP67