The series XLM is characterized  by reinforced bearings and large bearing spacing in the gearbox to absorb huge radial and axial forces.

Equipped with a self-aligning roller bearing on the B side bearing, this drive especially suitable for very long shafts. The symmetrical barrel rollers freely align themselves to the concave outer ring. As a result, shaft flexing and misalignment of the bearing seats are compensated

A special “Dry Well Construction“ assures, that in case of damage/ wear of the oil seal in the gearbox, the oil will be stopped through an oil dam/ barrier and the failure of the seal can be indicated optically or by electrical  sensor.

Standard shaft connection is a hollow gearbox shaft construction. This type of construction makes  mounting and service work easier.

This drive configuration is available as a parallel shaft geared motor [FLM] or a helical bevel geared motor [KLM].

FLMC-8-15 Rührwerk Agitator


Parallel shaft geared motors  with 3x BD/3 1400, blade removable, height adjustable, additional remaining quantity impeller, shaft bottom bearing, stuffing box