Agitators for IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) are designed for 600/800/1000/1250l container . The unit can be delivered with several traverse options (carbon steel/ zinc plated or stainless steel). Optional equipped is a switchbox with integrated CEE socket, a frequency converter or a cabel with CEE plug.

Many of these containers only have a small DN150 opening. But if you want to mix medium with a higher viscosity, you need a large impeller. For these applications we developed the folding impeller GD, which will fit through a ø140mm opening in folded condition.

  • IBC Traverse

    ON/OFF + CEE16
    frequency changer

    IBC Traverse agitator Rührwerk
  • IBC drawing agitator Rührwerk
  • EX-Traverse

    variable speed gear unit

    IBC Traverse ATEX Rührwerk
  • IBC drawing agitator Rührwerk

e.g. waste water, chemicals

if solids, concentration  < 5% density: < 1.200kg/m³ viscosity: < 100mPas recommendation: OF-14, OF-24, …OF-44 with traverse [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='B: low viscosity fluid' tags=''] e.g. oil, thin fluid color, 0,1% polyelectrolyte solutions if solids, concentration  < 10% density: < 1.200kg/m³ viscosity: < 500mPas recommendation: OF-16, OF-36, …OF-46 with traverse [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='C: medium viscosity fluid' tags=''] e.g. lack and color, 0,5% polyelectrolyte solutions if solids, concetration  < 30% density: <1.500kg/m³ viscosity: < 5.000mPas recommendation: SQ-2-0,55…. SQ-3-2,2 mit Traverse [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='D: medium viscosity fluid' tags=''] e.g. heavy color and lack if solids, concentration  > 30%

density:  > 1.200kg/m³

viscosity: > 5.000mPas

recommendation: on request, after sending exact medium data