“BD” high efficiency impeller

Constantly rising energy costs required a new impeller which achieves a maximum in flow achievement with a minimum of energy.

With the investigation of the current relations in mixed liquids the efficiency of impellers was examined on our mixer  test stand,i.e.the wing concavity, the bend, the pitch gradient and the front edge’s profile. The result of this test program was the “BD” impeller which optimises the axial flow by generating a homogenious axial flow. The types “BD” produces the same mixing result as the 3-leaved naval propeller and PBT (pitch blade turbine) with considerably less energy.

This means high mixing success and good suspension with low energy costs. The “BD” is available 3 different types. The adequate type is chosen in accordance with the process requirements.

  • BD2600

    ø2600mm; blades removeable

  • different sizes and materials are available

  • BD150 Rührorgan impeller