Many applications in smaller tanks demand an impeller type, which gives good homogeneity to the process of mixing media of different viscosity or different specific gravity. But also the impeller shall produce a high shear “twister”, which is able to break down agglomerates.

The L-type impeller with its cone limit ring concentrates the flow, that a long ranging strong pressure stream discovers. At the bottom of the tank, direct below the L-type, a strong shear zone appears.

The axial flow spreads the discovering shear “twisters” homogeneously through the whole tank, much better than other – radial  pumping – shear impellers.

Additional to these process advantages there is a lower risk of incidents by the limit ring around the impeller. Mounted on a “mixer stand” or a “clamped” agitator the L-type impeller minimizes your risk of personal injury and the risk of damaging the tank or objects inside the tank through inexact positioning.

L-Flügel (Düsenmischflügel) Rührorgan